Getting Around North Captiva Island

Directions from (A) The Island Club to (B) Bluefin Beach House

1. From The Island Club, head west on Bartlett Parkway (200 ft)

2. Turn right onto Harbor Bend Drive (0.20 mi)

3. Turn right onto Spanish Gold Lane (0.10 mi)

4. Turn left onto Hidden Lane (0.20 mi)

5. Bluefin Beach House will be on the left

Golf Carts

Golf carts are the main mode of transportation on North Captiva Island. Two golf carts are included with your house rental.

Golf Cart Rules

  1. Anyone operating a golf cart must be a registered guest of Bluefin Beach House, be at least 16 years old, and have a valid driver’s license.
  2. The maximum capacity of the golf cart is 4 people.
  3. Golf carts must be operated on the road only. Golf carts are not allowed on the beach or in the state preserve.
  4. Golf carts are not designed for rough terrain. Please avoid potholes, bumps, and puddles. If the batteries get submerged in water it can destroy the golf cart.
  5. Golf carts operating after sunset must have lights turned on.
  6. When parking, make sure the parking brake is engaged and the golf cart is in neutral.
  7. Golf carts should be charged every night and before you leave on your departure day.
  8. Please report any malfunctions to the owner immediately.
  9. Alcohol is not permitted in golf carts.
  10. Any fines acquired by a guest shall be the guest’s sole responsibility.
  11. If a golf cart is damaged, lost, or stolen during your rental, the guest is responsible for the total cost of repairs or replacement.

The island is working to address visitors who are abusing golf carts and allowing underage driving. If you are reported, the golf carts will be taken away for the remainder of your stay. Please take the time to discuss this with all members of your party.

    Hiking & Biking

    With the absence of traffic, hiking and biking around the island are safe and enjoyable activities for all ages. 

    With over 5 miles of white, sandy beaches and 350 acres of public state preserve, you will definitely want to plan a day for exploring and hiking to see North Captiva Island at its finest. 

    Bikes are available to use at no cost from The Island Club.

    Be sure to watch for wildlife including endangered loggerhead turtles, birds, and iguanas.